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An Experiment

My name is Sinéad and I used to run a dinner club in Boston. 

The rules were simple: I would reach out to a few people who seemed interesting but who I did not know, and invite them to my house for dinner. I would ask them each to bring a question that they were curious about, did not know the answer to and would like alternative perspectives on. Lively conversations would usually follow!

Dinner Club brought together the most interesting people from all over the world and connected us through curiosity. Dinner Club members have given me an amazing network of deep and interesting thinkers, and now I would like to share this network!

However, since it is not possible to have Dinner Club right now, I would like to propose something new. To recreate those intimate, small-group discussions I will be bringing together people (some random and some I know) by hosting secret salons. I'll be curating content with the help of the world's leading thinkers in science, technology, philosophy, art and culture, and inviting some amazingly interesting people to join the salons and have fun discussions around it.

So please join me! And bring a glass of wine, an open mind and your enthusiasm!


How it Works

Secret Salons

Sign up for a salon of your choice.
You won't know who you'll be meeting until the discussion!

Curated Theme

You will receive your curated theme with accompanying content to read ahead of time, to make the discussion more lively!

Unique Discussions

Sit back and enjoy the discussion with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and get to know your new friends!

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